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1 Jul 2014

Freelance Arduino for Sound Reactive Light Element

Rakmun Bryant-Vick/Wearable World Labs – Posted by rakmunbAnywhere

NOTE: This job listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Job Description

This project is the development of a prototype for a wireless, sound-activated, EL light element. This prototype needs to have bluetooth connectivity and the ability to control sound sensitivity and turn the element on and off from a cellphone. 

All sensors should be included on the wireless prototype. 

UI/App development is not required, but experience with UI/App development is required.

The project will begin on 7/14.

How to Apply

Please send us a resume describing your experience and projects developed with the arduino or other off-the-shelf programmable electronics that you are proposing.  

Provide a proposal  that:

  • Describes what components your solution would consist of and how it would work
  • Propose a fixed cost that includes your labor and all necessary hardware excluding physical case / packaging.  
  • Propose a project schedule
  • You will need to plan on meeting with us in person in our San Francisco office for a final interview before project acceptance.
You will also be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Job Categories: Android / Arduino (ADK) Developer. Job Types: Freelance. Job Tags: bluetooth and sound activated.

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